Monday, March 21, 2011


Thanks so much for our stay at your newly renovated 'garden suite',
which feels much more like a self contained cottage.

And thanks for the attention to detail..........the bed and bedding, the
kitchen amenities and most of all the nicely furnished space to hang
out in.................fresh flowers and all!

You are so perfectly situated--so close to Ganges with lovely country walks
right out the front door.  And your central location allowed us to explore both
the northern and southern parts of the island in a matter of hours.

We look forward to our next stay when the season will allow us to spend
more time on the garden patio.

thanks again!  

r u s s e l l & d a w n

Thank you for your hospitality and for going above and beyond the expected. The B&B is lovely, comfortable -- with all the needed amenities. It's definitely a highly recommended for family and friends. Heather and Don

From the blog of Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

On Thursday I stayed but a stone’s throw from the very famous (and very expensive) Hastings House Hotel on Salt Spring Island. The restaurant at Hastings House is supposed to be one of the best in BC.

But if you add good conversation, the friendly demeanor of the owners, and throw in three lovely black cats called Black, And, Decker, it all trumps Hasting House by more than a stone’s throw and perhaps by at least a mile.

I stayed, by invitation, at the new guest house attached to Celia Duthie and her husband Nick Hunt sprawling property which includes an art gallery, a separate cabin that is home to Salt Spring Woodworks, purveyors of fine handmade furniture and their home.

Where else, but at a Duthie home would you find art on the wall, books (and good books) in all shelves and the latest New Yorker on a footstool not far from a sleeping Decker?

And I have yet to mention the food. The cook happens to be Nick Hunt, who drives a tractor, climbs ladders, does windows and is a marvelous carpenter and handyman. His cooking is divine. For the first time in years I had the pleasure of eating large steamed artichokes (the dipping sauce was a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard concoted by Duthie). The main course (there was a good Pinot noir, Tio Pepe and ginger beer served) consisted of potatoes and yams baked in the oven with duck grease (sprinkled with Hunt’s favourite spice of the day, parsley), fresh steamed asparagus and a red snapper (caught that morning) smoked with oak and smothered with a parsley/b├ęchamel sauce. Dessert, after the salad was served, consisted of bitter chocolate, Stilton and I turned down (it would have been wasted on me) a vintage port.

If all that weren't enough the other guest was the new relocated to Salt Spring, author C.C. (Chris) Humphries who entertained us with the story of his Norwegian mother who was a spy in WWII.

photograph by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

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